In today’s shallow and superficial society, a heavy man like myself seems to be a relationship repellent!

Don’t get me wrong, I am very comfortable in my own skin. I am confident and successful by any standards and I am not bitter about anything either. But, it is really a shame that due to the unrealistic picture of that ‘perfect man’, people like me who are ‘heavy’ seem to be somehow less deserving.
The desire of physical intimacy is so ingrained in our psyche, that lack thereof can lead to long term mental issues. As I am ‘fat’, and I don’t like to use that term, but that’s what I am to most women, finding physical intimacy has been a challenge.
I have been like this for all my life. I was a heavy teenager as well and hence I found it very difficult to reach up to women and asking them out. As I grew older, the lack of sex life started to influence me on an emotional level. I am a firm believer that physical relationships are very important and sex is as essential as is food! So, when my efforts of getting intimate with a woman seemed to go nowhere, I almost gave up.
I thought to myself that there is no hope for me and it started to play on my mind. That’s where I decided that enough is enough and I need to find something to unleash that pent-up sexual energy in one way or the other. All I was looking for was a pure carnal encounter with a woman.
After deliberating for quite some time, I decided to hire an Ascot escort from to fulfill my needs. I did debate with myself that maybe, hiring an Ascot escort is not right and I should not do it. But then I thought to myself, what do people do when they get hungry but can’t cook? They eat out, right? That seems to be totally acceptable in the society, but if I crave physical intimacy and I want to acquire it by hiring a professional, why should anyone judge me?
Once I was clear to myself with that line of thinking, I decided that I am going to get myself an Ascot escort and give this a try. As I hadn’t done it before in my life, I was a bit antsy. After doing some research online I found that people had some great things to say about one particular Ascot escort service.
I decided to hire a professional and try this thing out. In all honesty, I was anxious and quite frankly, rattled before I met this Ascot escort. I did not know what to expect and how to handle things. But, as soon as the Ascot escort showed up, all my anxiety and jitters slowly melted away.
The Ascot escort was a thorough professional who knew what she was doing. I mean she seemed to understand where I was coming from and somehow respected me for what I was doing. Rather than bottling up my sexual energy only to manifest in a weird way, I was letting it out. That made me feel very comfortable. I was more comfortable with her than with any of my so-called girlfriends!


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