It’s hard being a Covent Garden escort

There are many hidden dangers being a Covent Garden escort from Wearing sexy fitting shirts and jeans, showing the size of their legs. Being in the oldest profession has a high risk. Many of these beautiful girls are at the risk of getting rape. Last year Covent Garden increased its rape cases twenty percent in just a year. And there are no clear answers why is this happening. Many escorts are getting robbed and physically abused. Some trafficked forcing a to be a slave and the criminals are getting away with their crimes. The major problems of an escort are sexually transmitted diseases; the First example is aids. A virus that destroys the immune system and making the body susceptible to disease that is very common like tuberculosis. In which rarely affects a working immune system. We can also include Bacterial vaginitis; the sickness occurs when there is an increased discharge that smells like a fish in the female intimate female area. Another thing is Crab louse; these parasites can live in the body where coarse hair is abundant. Hepatitis infects some unfortunate escorts because of their clients. It can last months while in some few cases death. And also Chlamydia the most common disease. Caching herpes is also a common problem; it can cause blisters but usually, heal in about a month or weeks.

That’s not all, in their daily lives they also get stood up by many clients, and that is very stressful. They go on a date with married men, and in the risk of getting caught, they can go to prison or getting harm by their client’s wives.
These ladies need also needs security, often they go out on a date and feel scared and terrified all the time. They usually don’t get respected by clients. While very little help that they are getting all the time.

This job requires you to give it your all with no time worrying about yourself. Making a man feel superior and unique than others, always making him satisfied. Dealing and listening to all the client’s problems and suffering to make him feel comfortable for the rest of the hour. This part is the most stressful and demanding part of the job. Men also obsess over escorts, Texting them all the time and requires them to change their number regularly. It can leave some people a hollow shell, bitter and depressed. It is a never-ending game that requires all time you have. Trying to fix somebody else problems while not dealing with their own. Enslave by society’s need and wants. It is hard to walk away from the job because of the constant financial trouble. Only a very few have an exit strategy.


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