Best sex advice from grandma

My mum does not know this, but my grandma used to work for a London escorts service when she was my age. My nan is a very special person in my life, and sometimes we just sit and talk for hours at her kitchen table. This time she was showing me photos of herself when she was my age. I pointed out that her heels looked a bit high and she cooly told me that she used to work for a London escorts service when she was my age. Apparently it was there she had met my grandad who was a fair bit older than her.

My grandad is gone now, and I must admit that I miss him a little bit every day. The fact that my nan used to work for a London escorts service has shocked me a bit and I am been sworn to secrecy. Apparently my nan does not think that my mom could handle living with the knowledge that my nan worked with a bunch of elite London escorts. I must admit that I really love my nan’s outlook on life. She says that my mum is too prim and proper, and even a little bit frigid, She does not know how my mum ended up that way, but she really does not mind. In my nan’s opinion, I am much more of a go and get sort of girl. Should I tell her that I work for a London escorts service. For a brief moment there sitting at my nan’s kitchen table, I thought that I might tell her about my own secret career with London escorts.

The funny thing is that I think that my nan has an inkling on what I do for a living. Was this her way of telling me that working for a London escorts service is okay? I have a funny feeling that it was but I must admit that I was not sure what to tell my nan. There is no way that I would like my mum and dad know that I am a London escorts. But if I told my nan, I have this funny feeling that she would tell just say “good for you , girl” and that would be the end of that. I have always told my parents that I work as a hostess in a club. When my nan heard me say that for the first time, she made a funny remark. With a big smile on her face, she said that she knew all about hostessing. Perhaps that is when she actually figured out that I work for a London escorts service. It made me smile, and I could tell from the look in my nan’s eyes that she is a lot more switched on than the rest of my family. Maybe I should just tell her the truth, and find out if she has got some tricks of the trade for me. One thing is for sure, her and grandad were always very happy together, and I think that I may have stumbled on the secret to a happy married life. It may have something to do with great sex after all…


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