Spice Up Your Marriage

When you have been married for a long time, you may find that your relationship with your husband or partner starts to change. More than anything you become friends, and you sort of end up living together and just getting on with life. Day to day life may not be very romantic or even very sexy, but you can certainly make it a bit more sexy with a few sex tips from London escorts on how to do it. Not that all girls at London escorts are married with children, but some of them certainly are.

Anna from London escorts says that she loves to have a special Sunday morning with her husband every so often. She works long hours for an elite London escorts service, and when she has time off, she wants to be special. Her and her husband have got two children under five years old, and they do take up a lot of time. She realizes that many young families must have the same problem, and Anna says that her top tip is to leave the children with the grandparents very so often.

Sandra is another young lady who works for a London escorts service. She has been married for about two years now. As yet, she does not have any children together with her husband, but they both work long hours. Her husband works for a male London escorts service, and sometimes she says that they are like ships that pass in the night. It is not easy to keep up with two busy careers within London escorts, but she plans in breaks with her husband. They often go away on a weekend break, and just spend some time with each other.

Ramona is another girl who works for a London escort service. She is kind of a tough girl, and she says that the best thing you can do is to say no to over commitment. Ramona says that the problem is that most people take on too much in their personal lives, and that is why they have so little time for each other. Of course, you should go to the gym and stuff like that, but realize that you cannot do it all. Ramona says that she loves to take a day off from London escorts, go shopping for some sexy lingerie and then come home and make a special evening out of it.

There are many other ways that you can spice up your love life, and the most important thing is that you both make an effort. Sometimes gents would like the lady to make all of the effort, but that does not work at all. If you are serious about each other, and want to stay together, you really need to plan in your personal time in the relationship. You probably have a day where you do all of the housework. Why not have a special day when you just spend the day in bed with each other? That would just be so much sexier than mopping the floor.


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