Blonde Escorts in London rule the Escort World

There are many different hair colors to choose from in London but you will find that many dates still prefer blonde Escorts in London. Fortunately for them many Scandinavian girls work in London, and you will find Escorts in London who are from Sweden, Norway, Denmark and perhaps even Iceland!

Amongst Middle Eastern business visitors, blonde Escorts in London are the most popular ones and you will probably find that a lot of Middle Eastern men find blonde ladies to be very exotic. One of them, Tariq, even ended up marrying his own blonde London escort and they now live happily together in a more exclusive part of London.

Blonde Escorts in London have been popular and in demand for a long time. Last year some of them were almost eclipsed by brunettes but agencies still recorded that most dates preferred blondes. In the swinging 60’s blonde Escorts in London were more popular than ever and many girls flocked from countries such as Sweden or Denmark to join the swinging London scene. Perhaps this is where their reputation got started, and visitors have flocked to London ever since to meet blonde Escorts in London.

Blondes are more fun

Blonde Escorts in London are always seen as more fun by a lot of international business travelers. They seem to have a much more free spirited air about them, and most of their dates say that they are a lot bubblier than brunettes. Of course, if you have been in business meetings all day, it is nice with a bit of light relief.

Also, if you are a dark haired Middle Eastern guy, you may think that blondes are very exotic. I am married to an Egyptian myself and I know that when we first met he found my blonde hair very exotic, and just loved touching it. He still seems to have a bit of fascination with my blonde hair, and I often catch him looking at it, or pulling our daughter’;s dark hair saying “nothing blonde hair here, babe.”

Am I more fun? Maybe. I have noticed that I seem to be a bit noisier than my brunette counter parts, and I talk a lot louder than they do.

Blonde hair Blue Eyes

Blonde hair doesn’t always mean blue eyes but a lot of blondes do have blue eyes. My eyes are blue, and I know that I get more compliments from dark men about my blue eyes than I get from other men. Most blonde Escorts in London do have blue eyes, and I would imagine a lot of Middle Eastern men do have a fascination with blue eyes just like my husband does.

In Middle Easternic countries blue eyes are very much admired, and even women like to come up and look at your eyes. I grew up all over the Middle East, and as a small child I was used to sitting on Middle Eastern ladies laps with them looking into my eyes.

I would imagine a lot of blonde Escorts in London get exactly the same treatment as I did by Middle Eastern dates, they must just love those blue eyes.

Blue eyes, blonde hair and a fun personality – what else can a man ask for??? Of course, big boobs but most blondes have those as well, I do anyway.


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